Can CBD help with arthritis???

Can CBD help with arthritis???

Can CBD help with arthritis???


A broad-spectrum CBD product can help treat and alleviate arthritis symptoms because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties. The CBD uses the endocannabinoid system to deliver pain relief directly to the affected area when taken orally or it can be absorbed through the skin when applied topically. 

When choosing a CBD product to treat your arthritis symptoms it’s essential to select a broad-spectrum product instead of an isolate. A broad spectrum is extracted with ALL the healthy and beneficial cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant while a CBD isolate only contains the CBD product without any of the additional anti-inflammatory properties. 

Our Delta Premium Broad Spectrum is carefully extracted to ensure the quality and health of all the cannabinoids. The Delta Premium Brand understands what it means to rely on the daily benefits of CBD and we ensure our products are given the utmost care to ensure they can meet your daily needs. 

Maybe you’ve tried CBD before and your arthritis symptoms seemed unaffected. This can be due to a few reason. It’s possible the CBD product you used wasn’t as potent enough to effect your pain level. Your body received the benefits of CBD through the lessening of inflammation but there wasn’t enough to bring relief to your pain sensors. 

When doctors prescribe medications they often recommend you begin taking the medications BEFORE you begin feeling the pain. Why? Because once the pain sensors are activated the medication is combating two symptoms instead of just one. The prescription is attempting to give physiological relief while also soothing the neurological stress. When the brain is filled with pain and stress it can cause an increase of cortisol levels. High cortisol levels can limit the effectiveness of medications and give you little to no relief in the areas you need the most help. 

If you find your arthritis symptoms are unfazed by over the counter medications it is best for you to commit to a 10 day CBD regiment. This regiment will help you  understand your body’s pain management needs and give your mind the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary levels of cortisol. The CBD will begin to reduce inflammation in the arthritic areas and allow you to remember what it’s like to have different levels of pain. 

Sometimes when we are are dealing with a chronic condition without relief we begin to categorize all pain in that area at a level 10! Then, you begin to determine a medicines effectiveness by your ability to push through the level 10 pain and accomplish your daily life’s needs. Delta Premium CBD is not interested in masking your level 10 pain to help you get through the day. We are interested in the holistic value of bringing your relief while also contributing to your daily well-being. 

That’s why we enjoy our job so much! We have the opportunity to give people an anti-inflammatory option that will not only bring pain relief but also contribute to their overall health plan without any negative long-term effects! 

Once you commit to a CBD regiment you will be able to determine new avenues that can bring relief while on your road to health and wellness.

We have several options to help with arthritis and we recommend you do what’s best for you, however due to the internal impact of arthritic conditions we would recommend a broad to full spectrum Delta Premium CBD product taken orally. We offer tincture oils or slow-releasing capsules for daily use. Our tincture oils are effective and easy to change dosage based on your body’s needs. The Delta Premium Capsules are a great long-term and convenient wellness plan option since they can be easily ingested the way we would take our vitamins once a day.

Whether you have a chronic arthritic condition or occasional flare ups, Delta Premium CBD is a great option to help relieve your pain and balance your condition’s needs and your daily enjoyment of life!

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