About Delta Premium CBD Oil and why it's voted #1 Best CBD oil

Delta Premium CBD was founded in 2016 by Daryl and Karen Price. Delta Premium CBD is family owned and operated with the sincerest passion to help others get real relief from real CBD.

These owners saw the need and the great benefits from CBD and wanted to share their discovery with the local community and the world. Daryl was stricken with many ailments from his years of being a contractor. He fell off a roof in 2006 and was seriously injured. Thinking he would never be able to do much of anything again he and his wife discovered CBD. After only a few months he realized his aches and pains were fading. After a couple of years he began doing things he thought he could never do again. Daryl is now skateboarding, roller skating, bowling, and playing pool. All the activities he loved doing in his younger to mid life years.

Karen is a cancer survivor and continues to battle daily stress, anxiety and the pain most women experience. But with CBD she has been able to cope with these daily issues and keep cancer from returning. CBD has changed both their lives. They put all their efforts and passion into making sure Delta Premium CBD is the Highest quality and most active CBD on the market. There are so many brands today, how can one decipher which is the real deal? Delta Premium CBD is just that. Only 100% raw CBD and coconut oil. All others use fillers and water their CBD down to make more money. Daryl and Karen are concerned with the customers, (YOU) getting the relief you are looking for and will NEVER cut, or water down their brand of CBD.

Delta Premium CBD is grown in Colorado and formulated in an ISO5 lab for quality and clean results. It is CO2 extracted for the highest purity form each harvest. Delta Premium  CBD is always 92% pure cannabinoids or higher. There is no higher purity, quality, or active CBD available. Delta Premium CBD uses the same grower and source every time offering same results from each batch. Giving you the same results every purchase. Delta Premium CBD follows all FDA guidelines, State and Federal laws to guaranty customer satisfaction. Delta Premium CBD has been voted #1 and is more active and hire quality than Tommy Chong, FOCL, FAB CBD, CBDfx, cornbread hemp, Medterra, and cbdMD. Top 10 best CBD.


cbd oil no thc Delta Premium Tinctures

Delta Premium tinctures retain the plant’s original terpenes and  phytocannabinoids to deliver a broad spectrum formula. This is high-quality hemp-derived CBD with no THC. 

 300mg – 3000mg available.

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cbd oil no thc


CBD Topicals

From the moisturizing power of body butter to direct roll on application. Delta Premium CBD Topical products provides great pain relief in a easy to apply  application. 

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CBD Gummies

CBD Isolate Gummies derived from hemp. Great for stress, anxiety, sleep, and minor aches and pains. 99% pure Isolate CBD. 50mg per gummy ring. 

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CBD Gel capsules

A full Spectrum CBD formula Gel Capsules derived from pure hemp. 50mg CBD per Capsule + other cannabinoids, 30 capsules total. This cannabinoid profile is  best for both pain and stress relief. At this level it is good for people with above-average tolerance to medications or those who need a fairly strong relief level. May contain small traces of THC. Less than .3 %.

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high quality hemp derived cbdCOAs

Delta Premium CBD products are manufactured to high standards, a leader in CBD Products since 2017. All Delta Premium products are formulated and manufactured utilizing only the highest quality ingredients. Get high-quality  hemp-derived CBD oil with no THC. Our products have all been tested by an independent lab to verify the amount and authenticity of the CBD contained in them. Check out the results below!


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