White Horse Redlands Delta Premium CBD Testimonies and Reviews

Real life customers testimony's and reviews about how Delta Premium CBD has helped and changed their lives. White Horse Redlands is a family owned and operated CBD and vape store. It's the passion of the family to see people get real results from their brand of CBD. Delta Premium CBD has been voted #1 and is more active and hire quality than Tommy Chong, FOCL, FAB CBD, CBDfx, cornbread hemp, Medterra, and cbdMD. Top 10 best CBD.

4 months ago
What a great spot and have hidden gem in Redlands. These guys are truly living light-years ahead of the game. They source high quality CBD and are so knowledgeable. I can't wait to try the lotions and topical for pain. Five stars all around ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2 months ago
Very very mice and friendly, prices are pretty reasonable and they make you feel welcome. highly recommend!
When you can go to any business and they are able to answer questions before they are asked, you know they are professional! This is exactly what we found at Whitehorse! After just a few moments it was as though we all had been long time friends! I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a "GREAT" product and from "GREAT" employees and owners!
This place has a very large selection of premium juices and literally EVERYONE that works there is super friendly and helpful!

I'm new to vaping (40+ days) and they have always taken the time to answer my questions with no hesitation or making me feel like I'm wasting their time. They have a LOT of ejuice which you can sample (they even use fresh, packaged disposable tips for tasting samples. Super clean! BIG+)

I have found my local vape shop and will not consider going anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and try them, you won't be disappointed.
Absolutely loved this place. Totally down to earth people who were more than willing to help me even though i walked thru their door at closing time. They operate very hygienically. They're considerate to your needs and more than willing to listen to help you make the best choice. Id highly recommend stopping by to check the place out. Its got great vibes, and they spoke with me about hosting some acoustic events and working with other local community businesses to make some good memories. 😊
My husband and I have been going here for a few years now and we’ve never been let down. Service is always friendly and helpful from the moment we walk in. Very knowledgeable staff and always answer my questions and give great recommendations. I came to this this place a newbie to cbd and they have helped me become very knowledgeable in my visits. The only place we get our CBD products from. Keep up the great work guys!
Had a fantastic experience in this store! Their CBD helps with my anxiety, and my panic attacks. I don't like taking prescription drugs because they come with too many side-effects, but the CBD gives me a level headed clearness as well as taking away that unwanted adrenaline rush of panic.
I visited this place on Saturday. I was looking for a pain relief roll on with CBD for my shoulder pain. The staff was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. When I applied the roll on stick, it didn't take much time for me to feel the results. Now my shoulder is feeling so much better and the pain is gone. If you’re looking for the real deal... white horse vapor has it. Thank you
So I got CBD for my flight to Salt Lake City.. wasn’t sure if it was gonna work. Absolutely did help with my anxiety because I didn’t have any when I had to take the flight back and my flight anxiety was horrible. Definitely going back for another bottle.
I stopped in the other day to give them a try and loved their customer service, very nice people down to earth not pushy people trying to make a sale. They have some real high quality juices at a pretty fair price iv'e been vaping for 3.5 years now and tried plenty of different shops I would definitely recommend them
This is the best vape shop in the IE. They have stuff no one else has. They have their own exclusive brand that will change your life. The best part us the owner and staff are so personable.
I come here to buy my mom some CBD oil so she can take after chemo and she loves it but 2nd bottle she got really didn’t help her maybe was a bad batch I still I did get a 3rd one well that one did made a difference. Over all I do love this store and like is few miles from Loma Linda hospital makes it easy to grab one. (:
Very helpful. Both of the young men that were working gave great info that matched up with what I know from research and friends, and I didn't feel like they were trying to upsell. They just gave me the info and allowed me to make an informed decision. Thank you.
I keep saying I'm gonna leave a review, So here it goes 😁 I went in about a month ago inquiring about CBD oil. I was first off greeted with such a friendly smile then really educated on the different types of oils and their benefits. Allow me to just say this. This little shop has the most friendly, honest & down to earth people here in Redlands. They make you feel so comfortable & not just that, they really do engage with you to see what is within your best interest. I for one appreciate the quality of the CBD oil & their vape devices. Was told if I had any issues what so ever, not to hesitate to come back and they will help me. I purchased a vape device & was walked through step by step as she put it together, showed me exactly what to do, how to fill it etc. Really went far beyond her duty as an employee. I apologize as I dont have the names just yet. But when I go back, I guarantee to update this review to give proper thanks 😊 So far the CBD has been making a positive impact on my chronic pain. I wouldn't shop anywhere else. If you are looking for CBD oil this is the place for you. You won't regret coming here, They really do treat their customers the BEST.
I will absolutely recommend this place I love the warm welcome right when you walk It’s mom & pop shop I love that as well very knowledgeable in the product they sale I’m vegan too it’s amazing they have vegan gummies.
I love love love the owners the friendliest people I have ever met very knowledgeable about their products they have low prices but not low quality if they don’t have the product you are looking for they don’t hesitate to order it for you great place
Karen was extremely helpful and took the time to tell me about each product and answer my questions! They have a great selection of Flavors and great prices!
This store has very knowledgeable employees on cbd and are patient and will try to answer all your questions together with top of the line products you can't miss
great place and great people.
very nice and useful E Juice Bar.
had a very pleasant experience.
would highly recommend this place.
Great selection of CBD products and the staff is very knowledgeable. They now carry Hemp flower, stop by and check it out.
Went to white horse today they are very knowledgeable and have great customer service the owner took the time to explain everything we asked about very happy 🙏👍😀😇
Great mom and pop vibe. They are always friendly and their cbd is nice mixed with some juice. I will definitely be back.
Good people. Good quality products. Thank you for always being kind and helpful.
Great Mom and Pop shop. Very knowledgeable about CBD and vaping.
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