What is CBD Delta Premium at White Horse Redlands and Why is it a Leading Brand in the CBD Industry?

What is CBD Delta Premium at White Horse Redlands and Why is it a Leading Brand in the CBD Industry?

What is Delta Premium? 

Many customers know us by our store name White Horse Redlands located in Redlands, California. 

But! You may not know that we carry a specialized formula created and curated by store owners Daryl and Karen Price. Our unique CBD Product line falls under our Delta Premium Name. 

There are a lot of CBD products available and not all products are created equal! 

Before we were White Horse Redlands our founders were on the hunt to find pain relief from chronic conditions they faced. 

Daryl, once a contractor and involved in lots of heavy lifting and labor-intensive work days fell from 2 stories high! He crushed his L4 and L5, and broke his left elbow! He was also diagnosed with many bulging discs. Daryl faced an intense healing process and found himself beginning to rely heavily on pain medications and regular cortisone shots as he struggled to regain control over his life. 

Once he was declared medically sound to resume life as usual, he was frustrated with the intense chronic pain he still dealt with daily. Rather than ask for more prescriptions he decided to search out a more holistic option. 

He searched everywhere he could online, asked for advice from friends and family, and eventually decided to give CBD products a try. 

To his surprise, they worked! They brought the daily relief with the peace of mind he had been trying to find! 

Daryl and Karen began their search for the best CBD products to use in their daily life but were disappointed at the lack of effectiveness of many different CBD brands. In an attempt to regain control over his pain management plan he tested and tried many CBD products which would prove to be effective for a limited amount of time before beginning to lose its potency!

Why was this a common problem?!

Frustrated by the inconsistency in CBD Product lines, Daryl began to look into the process, procedures, and operations of the CBD industry. To his dismay, he discovered there was a lack of quality control in this up-and-coming industry. While CBD is a wonderful product and solution to many pain management plans it’s been difficult for doctors to prescribe this method due to quality control issues. 

Daryl still did not want to return to typical pain management solutions through prescription-based plans from his doctor. There seemed to be only one other option, create his own quality-controlled CBD Product line! 

Where should he even start?

Well, the first thing to do was to find a reputable CBD farm to begin processing and extracting the highest quality and most potent CBD from the cannabis plant. 

Daryl searched and searched until he found a reputable farmer whose goals were similar to his own in creating a CBD product with the capability to help people meet their holistic pain management and peace of mind goals. 

Next was to bypass the CBD third-party businesses selling cheap and ineffective CBD (These third-party vendors are the reason customers experience an unreliable amount of CBD potency level throughout CBD products.) and create a direct line of shipping from the farm to Delta Premium facilities where the product can be analyzed by lab specialists for potency and then distributed into various products for customers. 

The resulting product line is the very same product you see in our White Horse Redlands store location today, Delta Premium! 

Our Delta Premium products are among the highest potency levels in the CBD Industry and one of the most quality-controlled product lines in the market. 

Product founders, Daryl and Karen Price, are still in charge of quality controlling, checking, and managing operations from farm to storefront! They can’t bring themselves to hand off this important job to anyone else. 

Delta Premium is a family-owned product line built with integrity and continually updated to meet the needs of our customers! 

Whenever you see the Delta Premium name you can be sure to equate it with the highest quality, family values, and integrity you're looking for in the CBD industry! 

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