How Does CBD help relieve my pain?

How Does CBD help relieve my pain?

How Does CBD help relieve my pain? 

Everyone’s body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS system regulates our sleep, mood, appetite, pain, memory, and reproductive/fertility systems. This system creates natural cannabinoids as needed regardless of whether or not we use CBD. This whole system is designed to keep our body at a healthy and comfortable feeling of well-being while we live our daily life. 

CBD adds to this pre-existing system with more of the beneficial cannabinoids our body uses to function in a state of well-being. These cannabinoids flow to the needed area to give pain relief, mood-lifting, and optimize brain function. 

This is the reason CBD broad spectrum and CBD Isolate have such different effects on the body. Both CBD products are effective but it’s important you are using the right CBD product for your condition. We typically see better results for our customers using CBD Isolate when they are dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety. The CBD Isolate mood-boosting cannabinoids are more prevalent and concentrated in this form of our Delta Premium CBD products. On the other hand, we see greater pain relief in our customers when they use our CBD full spectrum or broad-spectrum products. Why? These CBD Products have all the cannabinoids the body utilizes in the ECS to keep our body operating at pain-free levels. 

Thanks to this regulating body system CBD can be used as a long-term pain management plan. It can regularly distribute the cannabinoids without building up a tolerance or resistance to CBD. The amount of CBD you will need only changes based on the severity of your condition. It’s a great, possible alternative to traditional pain medications for minor pains and can be used as a complementing pain management plan with other medicines.

What about THC? How does THC affect the ECS? There have been studies of THC complementing the body's well-being when it’s not found in excessive amounts. Unfortunately, higher levels of THC can cause feelings of paranoia and anxiety in some individuals. There are talks of synthetic CBD with THC products being developed containing ONLY the beneficial cannabinoids for medicinal purposes.

We have found that our White Horse Redlands customers with a higher tolerance or chronic condition have benefited from using our Delta Premium Full Spectrum Products. Our full-spectrum oils, topicals, and edibles only contain a low dosage of .3% THC! This is barely enough to be noticeable and it seems to be just what the doctor ordered for our customers who aren’t finding the lasting relief they need.

Whatever reason you have for using CBD for pain relief there is a complex system behind the benefits of using this holistic pain management alternative. Slowly but surely the world of modern medicine is beginning to scientifically support the benefits of CBD people have enjoyed for generations! But all CBD is not created equal! That’s why it is an honor for White Horse Redlands with our Delta Premium CBD Line to be voted the #1 CBD Store in Redlands by consumers! We never solicited or advertised for a vote but we were surprised to receive this award and blessed when one of our customers brought in a newspaper with the good news! We have also been doctor recommended by Loma Linda Hospital for 3 years in a row! These are the reasons we are fighting to stay true to our original goal of giving our community the best and highest quality CBD in the CBD Industry! 

Come visit our store today with any questions or concerns you have or you can shop our website right now!

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