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You asked for more, so we provided! 4000mg Isolate CBD oil in a 4 oz bottle of Coconut Oil (MCT oil). This great CBD formula has none of the other cannabinoids inside which is why the cost is less than our other formula options. However it can still be effective for stress, anxiety relief, and everything else that ails you mentally such as PTSD and Depression with increase quantity and quality! Get relief fast and have the supply to last!

4000mg CBD / 4 fl. oz (120ml)

NO THC / CO2 Extracted


COA #2001

*The concentration of the amount of CBD in the quantity of 4 oz is comparable to buying 4 of our 1000mg CBD Tincture Oil which is a huge savings! This is also why we have the Sale price listed as equal to if you bought 4 of the 1000mg tinctures.

**Note that Isolate CBD may not help with pain.