Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options Through CBD

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options Through CBD

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Options Through CBD 

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a degenerative condition in which a person’s immune system attacks the healthy cells within their body. MS will usually target the healthy cells in the spinal cord and near the brain. Over time, these constant attacks can cause damage to mobility, cognitive functions, and brain nerve responses. 

This condition can lead to various symptoms in people but generally expands from fatigue and muscle soreness to disruptive muscle spasms and cognitive dysfunction. 

So how can CBD help?

CBD cannabinoids offer restorative properties to the body through the Endocannabinoid system. These beneficial cannabinoids help supplement depleted resources within MS patients. It helps reduce inflammation caused within the body through the autoimmune disorder characteristic of MS. CBD also brings a calming effect and mood-boosting properties to patients with MS through cannabinoids being delivered to brain and nerve functions. 

The general consensus of recent studies is that CBD can help treat depression, fatigue, pain, muscle soreness, and muscle spasms. 

Even better, if you are someone with MS then you probably already know you aren’t alone in trying CBD. It’s been reported that 60% of patients with MS are already using CBD to help manage their symptoms and 90% are willing to try it. CBD offers relief in the multi-faceted way patients with MS  need. 

From a research perspective held by this article. CBD is a great alternative to traditional MS prescriptions given to patients. The prescribed opioids used to treat the difficult symptoms of MS appear to be counteractive to the doctor’s goal of helping their patients live healthy and normal lives. Opioid prescriptions usually involve adverse side effects that, while reducing pain and muscle spasticity, also limit the patient's lifestyle. The referred article gives a general study about the effects of not only CBD but also THC and its effects on patients with MS. 

The article stated that up to 1500 mg a day of CBD is completely safe for an extended period of time within the human body. It also listed the benefits of using CBD in addition to a THC product for MS patients struggling with their condition. The benefit of switching over from prescription medications to a CBD/THC product will lead to fewer adverse side effects in the long run. Of course, due to THC’s psychoactive effects, it’s possible for dependency or addictive habits to form and should be used responsibly. 

The article also stated that a healthy alternative is to up your dosage of CBD in order to lessen or eliminate your use of THC products!

Many patients with MS are already turning to the benefits of CBD and all the cannabinoids it offers to bring restorative properties to their bodies. Research is still catching up with all the benefits of CBD and how it can help you manage your symptoms! 

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis then we invite you to try our Delta Premium CBD. Our products are responsibly sourced and closely monitored by our small family-owned business. You can find us in Redlands, California at White Horse Redlands. 

Depending on your needs we would recommend both a tincture oil, for inner well-being and a CBD topical product, to relieve muscle fatigue and soreness, for our customers with MS. Our products are safe and legal according to California law and our well-informed staff can answer all of your CBD related questions.

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