How Do You Get the Best CBD?

How Do You Get the Best CBD?

How Do You Get the Best CBD? 

CBD has been used for generations but it has recently been recognized by the medical world as a viable health option. 

So, with that being said, how can you make sure you are getting the very best CBD? 

While CBD extraction is well-established and the process designed to make it safe for human consumption has been perfected there is still one grey area. This grey area has nothing to do with the CBD manufacturers as much as it has an impact on the business behind the CBD Industry. 

When CBD shops are purchasing CBD extract to create their line of CBD products they are offered a variety of options that they may purchase in bulk or in smaller shipments based on their product needs. 

However, because CBD percentage quality standards have not been clearly defined a “high-quality CBD Extract” may be more suited for minor aches and pains at 40% strength. While a CBD product being sold under the same name may have a much larger percentage better suited for areas of inflammation and chronic conditions. 

So what does this mean for you as a customer? 

It means when you find a CBD Product you LOVE it may appear to stop working after a while. Even though, you have bought the exact same product from the exact same store! 

This can be incredibly frustrating for customers who come to rely on their CBD regiment to help them reach their personal goals of health and wellness. 


Fortunately, there is a clear and easy solution! 

Here at White Horse Redlands, you may have noticed we have a unique CBD product labeled Delta Premium. 

White Horse Redlands’ Founder, Daryl Price, was once plagued with chronic ailments and sought relief through holistic measures. He found the relief he was looking for through CBD products but became frustrated with the inconsistent quality of the products he was purchasing. 

Determined not to return to pharmaceutical options he began to develop and source his own CBD product to bring consistent relief! 

These are the very same products he is selling today through his Delta Premium line! White Horse Redland’s Delta Premium line of CBD is ALWAYS bought from the same farm no matter the cost. These CBD plants are regularly tested for quality and percentage to make sure our founder's original formula for relief is readily available for anyone in need. 

Both Karen and Daryl Price have taken pride in their product and are committed to it's quality and strength level no matter what. Check out our COA's here!

Our Delta Premium Products are doctor recommended because of their high standard and the consistent testimonies of relief from the patients they are serving. 

So, how do you get the best CBD? 

Easy! You get to know your local CBD store owner. Ask them where they are sourcing their CBD from and how they ensure the quality of their product. If they seem unsure of their CBD history it could be a sign the store is purchasing in bulk from various providers. 

Well-Sourced, High-Quality CBD products have been reported to have these benefits: 

  • Offset Stress and Anxiety
    • CBD’s calming effect has been pivotal in mood-boosting and mood stability. CBD is carefully processed to remove any of the THC effects while giving you the full calming effects. We recommend our gummy products or our vape pen as the best method to achieve this relief! 
  • Chronic Aches and Pains
    • While there are many chronic aches and pain CBD can help soothe we have recently seen an increase in neuropathy customers. These customers report having many difficulties focusing and enjoying rest because of this condition. Our topical CBD products have provided the most relief for these affected areas! Whether you have chronic pain in a previously injured area or if you find yourself struggling with arthritic pain, CBD has been reported to offer relief without any negative side effects. 
  • Insulin Resistance
    • Recent studies have shown a growing epidemic of insulin resistance among diabetic patients. In an attempt to get ahead of this issue a controlled study was conducted to determine CBD’s effect on Insulin resistance. The controlled group given CBD regularly was determined to have lower insulin resistance than before the trial began. CBD in conjunction with your doctor's health plan can aid your quality of life and wellness! We recommend our capsules for your daily dose of CBD!
  • Inflammation
    • CBD is a known anti-inflammatory and inflammation inhibitor! If you find yourself battling chronic pain due to chronic inflammation we would recommend our CBD Tincture Oils. These products can be purchased at different strength levels so you can easily customize your plan for your needs.  

No matter what your reason for using or trying out CBD make sure you are getting the quality product you're looking for! 


To read more about our CBD Delta Premium Line, click here!

CBD can be used for many other ailments but these are some of our favorite results from regular use of our Delta Premium Products. 

We hope this post has helped you understand how you can purchase the best CBD and what to expect from your purchase! Please subscribe to stay up to date with our weekly CBD blog posts!

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