Eczema - I finally found something that works!

Eczema - I finally found something that works!

Store Owner of White Horse Redlands and Co-Founder of CBD Delta Premium, Karen Price, struggled with eczema for too many years! 

She remembers the irritating outbreaks, the burning sensation and the almost undeniable desire to scratch her obviously inflamed skin. Finally, she decided enough was enough! Karen began experimenting with a treatment plan using the benefits of CBD from their Delta Premium product line. 

After countless variations of method after method she finally discovered a regiment that worked for her eczema! Read below to hear from Karen about how she uses CBD to treat and maintain an eczema free lifestyle! 


"Don’t scratch!"

Mom use to say it. It’s easy to say but not easy to do when you’re dealing with eczema. If you’re reading this then you or maybe someone you know is trying to deal with this. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re scratching till it’s too late.

Eczema Itch

" Having eczema myself, I have tried so many things. It’s horrible when your skin is on fire after that first scratch. "

I think I had the realization that with that first scratch, it’s seems like you released something, some kind of chemical reaction happens. So, having this in mind I came up with a routine that works! 

Here's my personal regiment I use when I have an eczema outbreak:

  1. Clean area with lukewarm water(Not hot or cold). Dab dry (no rubbing)

  2. Use any of these products below. If you’re skin is dry the salve works best.

CBD Body Butter CBD Salve
(The image above from left to right: Bulk CBD Salve, CBD Body Butter, CBD Salve)


When I rub in just a small amount of the Delta Premium CBD salve on my eczema, the coolness from the peppermint actually relieves the desire to scratch and In just a few days of using the salve my eczema has gone away. 

And here's my daily wellness regiment for keeping my body eczema free:

  1. Take a CBD tincture oil daily. 

You only need a few drops with the Delta Premium CBD brand. What this does is help with calming the stress levels we face daily. And! It levels everything else out in your body. I only use Delta Premium, it’s the only brand I trust because its beyond the standard potency level in the CBD industry. Each bottle contains 91% CBD!
    CBD Tincture Oil

    If you scratch just go through the steps again. Wash and reapply. The oil should last about 6 to 8 hours in your system so you might not need to retake that unless it’s been over the time.


    Many people have attested to this regiment!

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