What is Topical CBD used for?

What is Topical CBD used for?

What is topical CBD?

There are many uses and benefits of CBD, the most widely known being taking CBD oil through mouth form. However, today we will be addressing topical CBD and its applications. 

Although greatly effective, taking CBD through the mouth can take up to two hours to take effect and effect the entire body. On the flip side, the application of topical CBD on affected areas is absorbed almost instantly and creates a more focused outcome- this resulting from the ability to control where you apply the topical. 

Topical CBD may be one of the most versatile applications for the already versatile compound.  The word “topical” is another word for a cream, balm, lotion, oil etc. that can be applied directly to the skin, typically providing some sort of medicinal benefit. The benefits of topical CBD will vary with the dosage of CBD in the product, the higher the dosage, the stronger the effects- see our CBD Freeze Roll-on ranging from 150mg-500mg.

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