What Can I Use CBD Tincture Oil For?

What Can I Use CBD Tincture Oil For?

What Can I Use CBD Tincture Oil For?

CBD Tincture oils are one of the most effective ways to use CBD! 

When CBD is extracted and distributed into various products the impact can be affected as it mixes with multiple ingredients and naturally dilutes. 

If you find yourself in an extreme case of pain and need to ensure you are on a regimented dosage of CBD then our Tincture oils are the best option for you. Take a look at our dropper. 

Every bottle of our Delta Premium Tincture Oil comes equipped with a dropper marked from .25 mL to 1.0 mL. 

CBD Dropper

Each marking makes it easy for you to measure how much you are taking to help relieve your pain or chronic ailment. It makes it easy for you to communicate your dosage and pain management solutions when explaining your treatment plan to others. 

Since CBD has long-term effects you may need to lessen your dosage. The easy-to-read dropper makes it easy for you to adjust your dosage based on your healing process. 

Our Delta Premium Tincture oils have been effective in treating deep, bone-on-bone pain, chronic arthritic pain, neuropathy, and difficult-to-treat chronic ailments. 

So how do you know which Tincture oil is right for you? 

We have five different strength levels of oil. 

This is our Delta Premium 300 mg CBD Tincture Oil. 

300 mg CBD Tincture Oil

The low dosage is ideal for preemptive health plans with the strategy to keep inflammation and pain levels under control before they appear. CBD has also been reported to help with minor cases of skin irritants and this is a great option for direct application to the affected skin. 

In terms of pain management strength, one full dropper is equivalent to an over-the-counter Tylenol.

Next up is our Delta Premium 600 mg CBD Tincture Oil

600 mg CBD Tincture Oil

The 600 mg is still considered a low dosage with the strength of an over-the-counter ibuprofen pill. The CBD benefits are more prevalent than the 300 mg and this can be used daily to keep inflammation at bay while providing relief for chronic minor aches and pains. 

Again, CBD has been reported to soothe skin surface outbreaks, and this is a great option for direct application since there are minimal ingredients within our tincture oil formula. Simply use .25 mL on the affected area, gently rub it in or wait for it to be absorbed, and continue treatment with more or less as needed throughout the day.   

Delta Premium CBD 1000 mg Tincture Oil is when we start getting into the heavy hitters of pain relief. 

1000 mg CBD tincture oil

This Broad Spectrum Tincture Oil is a great option for people who are looking for relief from chronic aches and pains! 

This oil can be applied topically to affected the area AND taken orally to attack the problem from both ends. 

The topical application gives you the immediate relief you need while taking it orally gives you the continual pain-free day you're looking for. 

Each dosage lasts 4 to 6 hours based on your body’s needs.  

Our Delta Premium CBD 1500 mg Tincture Oil is the next level of relief beyond the 1000 mg.

1500 mg CBD Tincture Oil

If your chronic pain or condition is worse on some days and better on others then this 1500 mg dosage may be just what you need to find balance. 

If you are having a better day then just take half of a dropper to help you stay pain-free while giving you all the CBD benefits found in a broad spectrum tincture oil. 

Maybe the day was more intense than you anticipated, no worries! A full dropper will give you the relief you need to get back into your day. 

Delta Premium CBD 2000 mg Tincture Oil is second to our strongest CBD Formula for pain relief. 

2000 mg CBD Tincture Oil

This tincture oil is perfect if you have a high tolerance to pain medication as the broad spectrum of CBD properties works cohesively to bring your body into pain-free wellness. CBD has many benefits that attack and bring relief to areas of your body that may be affected because of the pain you are in. Stress, inflammation, and muscle strain are all complications that may arise because of the pain you experience daily. This 2000 mg CBD Tincture oil can help give you the pain relief you are looking for while also managing complications surrounding your condition. 

Finally, our Delta Premium CBD 3000 mg Tincture Oil

3000 mg CBD Tincture Oil

One of our most potent relief formulas this heavy hitter is perfect for bringing relief to your most painful areas. This can be applied topically to neuropathy-effected areas, bone-on-bone pain, past injuries with chronic pain, or any other condition where you find yourself in extreme pain. 

Taking a full dropper with some food to help it circulate through your system will be all you need to experience some relief. 

And in case you didn’t know, CBD can never be abused! No matter how much you take of our CBD product it is impossible to overdose. So if your pain persists beyond your first dosage (before the 4 to 6-hour length of time is up), it is completely safe to take another dosage early!

We highly recommend you stop by and talk with us at White Horse Redlands if you have any more questions or concerns about which Delta Premium Tincture Oil is the best option for you! And! need relief even faster than the tincture oil can provide then ask about our vapable CBD products which are effective within five minutes! 

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