Product Highlight: Vapes

Product Highlight: Vapes

Vaping is a hugely popular way to use CBD. Simple and discreet to use, vaping is also the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD. While CBD vape carts may be popular, not everyone knows exactly what vaping is, or the many terms associated with it. We’re always happy to answer your specific questions in-store, but for those of you who can’t make it in, here is everything you need to know about choosing a CBD vape pen cartridge and how to find the best CBD vape oil. 

What is CBD Vaping? 

When you smoke cigarettes or CBD flower, you are igniting the product and inhaling the smoke. Smoking relies on the combustion of plant matter, which produces tar, carcinogens and other byproducts. It also relies on an open flame and creates heavily scented second-hand smoke. 

Vaping — on the other hand — heats the plant material to a temperature just below combustion. This turns active properties like CBD into vapor, which is then inhaled. There is no need for an open flame and there is no smoke created, so the “obvious” signs of smoking, such as the smell, are far less apparent. With so many advantages over smoking, it’s no wonder everyone is curious to try vaping. 

Common Vaping Terms

Since vaping is relatively new, there are words related to it that you might not know. What are CBD vape carts, anyway? Read on for common vaping terms to help you sound like a pro. 

CBD Vape Pen: A vape pen is a small, pen-sized vaporizing unit that heats the CBD oil or distillate. Some vape pens are disposable, which means they come complete with everything you need in one unit, including the oil, built-in. Other pens are reusable, which means you buy the vape pen and CBD vape oil separately. 

Disposable pens are a good choice if you have never tried vaping before, whereas the reusable pens are perfect for regular users who like a variety of CBD vape oil options. 

CBD Vape Oil: CBD vape oil is CBD oil that is thinned out with a carrier oil. When the liquid is heated to a certain temperature, it creates a vapor that you inhale. The vape oil in disposable pens is part of the whole vaping unit. For reusable pens, you buy the oil in CBD vape pen cartridges - or carts.  

Another form of CBD vape oil is as an additive. This is when you purchase the vape oil in a bottle with a dropper, so you can add the best CBD vape oil to a flavored vape juice of your own choice. If you are an experienced vaper, CBD vape oil additives are a great way to personalize your vaping experience. 

CBD Vape Carts: Short for CBD vape pen cartridges, vape carts are the interchangeable CBD liquid-filled units for reusable vape pens. CBD vape carts come in a massive variety of flavors, strengths or specially blended to support sleep, focus and a variety of other concerns. 


Our Favorite CBD Vaping Products

We love helping our customers find the ideal products to fit their needs and preferences. When it comes to vaping, these are our most recommended products: 

Delta Premium Disposable Vape Pens: These 150mg pens come unflavored or in “Lush Ice”, which reminds us of watermelon. We love these pens because there are no buttons to fuss with! Simply grab your pen and inhale when you need a dose of CBD. 

Delta Premium Vape Oil Additives: This broad-spectrum CBD vape oil comes in three strengths. For people with low tolerance, the 300mg is perfect. We also offer it in 600mg and 1000mg options for those with a higher tolerance, or those who are looking for stronger effects. We like the vape oil additives because they gives you an added level of control to your experience when you add it to your own CBD vape carts. 

Qualities of the Best CBD Vape Oil

When you are looking for the best CBD vape oil, you want to know that you are getting a quality product without any unnecessary fillers. To ensure you are getting what you think you are buying, it’s best to build a relationship with a trustworthy company that does its due diligence to carry only the highest quality products. 

White Horse CBD Redlands is a long-standing, family- run shop that only carries the best CBD vape oil and other CBD products. Our Delta Premium CBD products are the same ones we use ourselves and have all been tested by an independent lab to verify their contents and amounts of CBD within. 

When you shop with us, you know you are getting the quality you deserve, the product you expect and the expertise needed to guide you to the ideal products for you. 

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