7 Common Misconceptions About Hemp-Derived CBD

7 Common Misconceptions About Hemp-Derived CBD

While CBD is becoming very popular even in the mainstream, hemp CBD misconceptions are still rampant in the community and beyond. If you’re interested in CBD, you may have even heard of some of these misconceptions from people who are not in the industry. Many of the misconceptions revolve around CBD hemp effects, uses and the legality of it. 

1. You’ll Get High with Hemp CBD 

Hemp CBD doesn’t produce the same high that you get when using a THC-based product. Since hemp-derived CBD contains less than .3% of THC, it is not likely to cause any of the effects that a product more THC-heavy would cause. Some people may experience a euphoric feeling when they’re using CBD products, but that is far different from the “high” that comes from a product with THC in it. 

The CBD hemp effects that people get from using quality products are not like a high feeling, but are instead, more like a lack of feeling.

2. CBD Can Make You Tired 

CBD products on their own do not typically make people tired. They are formulated to help create a relaxing environment for anyone who is using them, but most people do not experience the type of tiredness that they’re expecting when they use them! Many people find that after using CBD, they can go about their daily activities without feeling drowsy or sluggish.

3. The Same CBD Dose Will Work for Everyone

CBD dosing is different for everyone! While there are some recommendations for doses that people should use, each person and their chemical makeup is different. This means that different amounts of CBD will have different effects on people. Those who weigh more, who have more muscles or are very tall may find that they need more CBD to get the same effects as those who have a smaller body composition. 

4. Hemp CBD Isn’t as Good as THC 

Many people worry that they won’t receive as many benefits from the plant with CBD as they would with THC. It may seem like it isn’t effective since there isn’t a high feeling associated with it. Many people find that CBD is just as effective or more effective at providing the same benefits as THC. 

Even users who are accustomed to using THC products may find that CBD provides them with the same benefits without any of the nasty side effects. For many people, CBD has helped them stop their daily use of THC-based products! 

5. CBD is Sketchy

This is just simply not true. While the industry is mostly regulated, there are still some companies that have squeezed through the cracks. These companies have sketchy operations, but that doesn’t make CBD inherently sketchy! Buying hemp CBD from a reputable source that provides information about their products and what is included with them is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from “sketchy” CBD setups. A few ways to protect yourself from these operations: 

  • Make sure you only purchase from a company that is established and has information about their products. 
  • Only purchase CBD from companies that offer COAs so you can know all the info on your CBD. 
  • Buy CBD from companies that are easily accessible. 

6. You’ll Have a Hot Drug Test

While this misconception is more about drug tests in general, it goes to stand that CBD may not make a drug test come up positive. Many drug tests only test for THC and, in that case, the trace amounts of THC that are in CBD products will probably not be enough to trigger a positive. Since each drug test is different, it might be a wise idea to find out what test you’re taking and what it’s testing for! If the drug test is looking for THC and CBD, there’s a small chance that it could come back positive. 

7. Hemp CBD Isn’t Legal 

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp CBD is federally legalized! This means that people in the United States can safely and legally purchase CBD products from local and online retailers. You can also have CBD shipped right to your home. Some states have made laws regarding CBD so be sure to check with your local regulations before purchasing, although in many instances, the federal law supersedes anything that a state government puts into place. 

Now that you know the misconceptions about hemp CBD and its effects, you can make an informed decision about using it. The best way to get started is to find your favorite products! Shop our selection of CBD products now! 

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