CBD and Oral Ulcers

CBD and Oral Ulcers

Oral Ulcers are painful! These nagging mouth sores have been known to cause anywhere from nagging to painful discomfort. 

Whenever these ulcers arrive most people turn to over-the-counter topicals or they just wait for time to pass and for the mouth to heal on its own. 

But! Did you know a journal of dental medical science recently conducted a study on CBD and its effectiveness in treating ulcers in the mouth? 

Oral ulcers are more commonly known as cold sores, canker sores, mouth sores etc. They can be caused by a nutritional deficiency, STD, genetically passed on or from eating something that’s too hot or cold for our mouth. 

The best way to treat an oral ulcer is with a topical CBD product! The CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties inhibit the irritation in a mouth sore and allow the mouth to heal faster! CBD also allows the immune system to function at optimal levels in the affected area because it can join in with the body’s natural healing process. Read about how it works on a scientific level here.

So, if you find yourself dealing with an uncomfortable oral ulcer then just drop a couple of drops of our Delta Premium Tincture Oil onto the mouth sore as needed throughout the day and feel the magic happen!

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