CBD Sleep

CBD and How it gives you the sleep you've been dreaming of!

Can CBD Help Me Sleep? 

Here at White Horse Redlands, we get a lot of questions about our products. After requesting help for managing chronic conditions we are often asked about sleep aids. 

Whenever this question comes up we are happy to refer them to two of our favorite options! 

  • CBN Tincture Oil
  • CBD Gummies

What makes our CBN Tincture Oil so effective? 

Our product is carefully comprised of CBD properties including pain relief, inflammation, and mood-boosting aspects while specifically targeting the relaxation needed for a quality, deep level of sleep. This unique Delta Premium Product can be taken half an hour to an hour and a half before bed in order to feel the full relaxing effects.

Our customers have reported an easier time falling asleep and less restlessness throughout the night!

So, if this product is so great why would we recommend the CBD Gummies as a companion to your sleep routine?

Well, if you take the CBN Sleep Formula Oil and find you have no problem falling asleep then there is no need to use the gummies. However, some customers find it a little difficult to stop their minds from going a hundred miles a minute! This is where the gummies come in. 

Our gummies are used for a variety of conditions and one area we have heard the most relief from our customers has been in the areas of stress and anxiety. The gummies have an isolate CBD product in each gummy. This isolate CBD offers many of the benefits you need to find restful sleep minus the head-changing THC effects! 

This helps your mind to relax and slow your thoughts to a measurable pace before calmly falling asleep for the night. 

Neither of these products will cause you to fall asleep unexpectedly! These are true sleep aides designed to make sleep appear more appealing than ever! But, if something unexpected comes up and you’ve already completed your sleep routine, you will still be able to power through the sleep-enticing effects to accomplish whatever unexpected event came up. 

Our CBN sleep formula is only sold in-store where you can discuss your sleep plan with our amazing staff! 

We offer the sleep formula at different strength levels based on your sleep needs! It's a completely customizable plan, perfect for anyone's sleep personality. 

But, if you are interested in testing out the gummies click here! Besides the stress and anxiety relief our gummies have also been reported to help with: 

  • Minor Chronic Aches and Pains
  • Daily CBD Wellness Plan
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Minor Inflammation Relief 


If you find yourself in need of natural sleep methods and are looking forward to getting away from traditional sleep aid prescriptions come into our store today! 

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