CBD and Diabetes

CBD and Diabetes

CBD and Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes, the leading diabetic condition, and the symptoms of patients with diabetes can be eased with CBD! 

Here are the usual symptoms of type 2 diabetes: 

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased hunger
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow-healing sores
  • Frequent infections
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
  • Areas of darkened skin, usually in the armpits and neck


If you are experiencing some of these symptoms and you have not been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes it's important to speak with your healthcare professional ASAP!

Once Type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed and properly managed through medication there may still be after-effects from when the condition was undiagnosed! If you were unaware of type 2 diabetes then you may be experiencing these lasting issues:

Diabetic Neuropathy- Symptoms can include pain and burning sensations, especially in the hands and feet. This is related to nerve damage. 

CBD is equipped to help manage and reduce the pain from this nerve damage. Delta Premium topicals are perfect for relieving pain! Try our body butter

Besides the nerve damage, you may be struggling with insulin resistance. 

Type 2 diabetes can cause or be caused by several hormone imbalances. Thanks to the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) CBD is a great option to help regulate and balance these systems. Take a quick look at an excerpt from this reputable online health website concerning diabetes and the effects of CBD: 

Blood Sugar Control

When combined with a THC-based compound (the chief intoxicant in cannabis), CBD helped people with type 2 diabetes better control their blood sugar levels, according to a 2016 study that looked at blood sugar levels when fasting.3

The study found that CBD alone:

  • Decreased resistin: A hormone that can contribute to insulin resistance
  • Increased glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide: A hormone that prompts the release of insulin
  • This indicates that CBD could help with some of the hormonal imbalances that contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. “  

    Read the full article here.

    If you are serious about utilizing the long-term effects of CBD then we recommend our Delta Premium CBD capsules or a dropper of our Delta Premium CBD Oil! These products are perfect to take for a daily wellness solution. 

    Finally, whenever a person discovers they have been living with type 2 diabetes there are recommended lifestyle changes. These changes can feel foreign and overwhelming to incorporate which leads to stress and anxiety. 

    Stress and anxiety lead to higher levels of the hormone, Cortisol. Cortisol is known for raising blood sugar levels and disrupting healthy hormone patterns, contributing to insulin resistance. 

    Our vapeable CBD products are just what you need to keep your mind in a more peaceful state and reduce the cortisol being released into your body through stress and anxiety. Life changes are a BIG deal and everyone should take their health seriously. So, don’t let stress or anxiety become the obstacle to taking action to live a healthy life. Allow for the natural benefits of CBD to help pave a more peaceful way toward your life of health and well-being. We are always at our best when we have a calm and collected mindset. 

    Shop our CBD vapeables here.

    In closing, all studies regarding the benefits of CBD and type 2 diabetes are in conjunction with professional medical treatment. CBD is an avenue to help ease and aid on your road to a full and satisfying lifestyle. If you have any questions feel free to call our store or come in and speak with a member of our staff!

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