CBD and Bipolar Disorder

CBD and Bipolar Disorder

CBD can have a complementing effect on patients struggling with bipolar disorder!

Bipolar disorder is characterized by major shifts in moods or energy levels.

Once named, manic-depression, it's symptoms leave people teetering between extreme highs and lows for the duration of an episode. When in this state, people may find it difficult to think rationally or make sound decisions. Basic understandings of personal well-being may be the lowest priorities during an episode. 

There are several types of bipolar disorder: 

"The APA classifies bipolar disorder according to the type, duration, and severity of a person's mood episodes. According to fifth edition of the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), there are five different types of bipolar disorder a doctor may diagnose you with:2

Bipolar I disorder
Bipolar II disorder
Cyclothymic disorder
Other specified bipolar and related disorder
Unspecified bipolar and related disorder" 

The excerpt from above explains each bipolar disorder in detail. To read the full article click here

So, how can CBD help if you've been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? 

CBD is known for its help to reduce and anxiety and depression through it's mood boosting effects. CBD may not be able to treat your symptoms alone but it is a great option to help patients through long-term episodes. 

CBD's ability to deliver a peaceful calming effect can help when you find yourself in an episode of mania. 

When experiencing a depression episode CBD can help relieve some of the stress and support your ability to maintain your daily life. 

When looking for CBD products you will want to find something that is strong enough to handle your bipolar symptoms on both ends of the spectrum so be sure to purchase a higher dosage of CBD. 

A vape able product can help you feel the mood boosting effects the fastest while our tincture oils can help bring your body into a more balanced place. 

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