Can CBD Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

Can CBD Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

Can CBD Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety? 

We rely on our customers to find out more about how Delta Premium CBD impacts their daily life and as we continued talking with our customers at White Horse Redlands we discovered many of our customers were turning to CBD for stress and anxiety. 

Stress can be identified and characterized by several factors but here are some of the most common you’ll notice on your body:


-Muscle Tension

-Chest Pain


-Change in Sex Drive

-Stomach Upset

-Sleep Problems

Here are some common trademarks of stress on your mood: 



-Lack of Motivation or Focus

-Feeling Overwhelmed

-Irritability or Anger

-Sadness or Depression

And your behavior may be changing based on your stress level as well. Here are some of the common behavior changes you may notice: 

-Overeating or Undereating

-Angry Outbursts

-Drug or Alcohol Misuse

-Tobacco Use

-Social withdrawal 

-Exercising less often

All of these stress symptoms can be contributing to an unhealthy or unsatisfying lifestyle. If you find yourself answering yes to many of these traits showing up in your life then it may be time to admit to the weight chronic or sudden stress is having on you. 

While symptoms of anxiety are similar to stress there are few psychological differences. Here’s a list of some common symptoms people report while dealing with anxiety: 


While wiggling often may be normal for children or even teens learning the art of focus and concentration the constant need to be moving can be an alarming symptom of anxiety when displayed by an adult.

-Irrational Fears

Normal fears of spiders and snakes are perfectly rational but when fear of public places or crowded gatherings, even among close friends and family, begin to raise fearful flags there’s an indicator of anxiety coming to the surface. 


Filtering through the noise of life and anticipating unexpected events can lead to someone with anxiety to feel completely overwhelmed by what should be a “normal” day by most people’s standards. 


Awakening in the middle of the night and contemplating the past, present and future can be signs of anxiety disrupting your sleep pattern. 


Similar to irrational fears, worry can be a normal part of the day but excessive worry about minor issues which change your mood are symptoms of anxiety. 

-Lack of Concentration 

Anxiety causes the mind to become hyper aware of hundreds more stimulants in the physical and psychological realm which makes it difficult for most people experiencing anxiety to concentrate on a single task for long. 

-Panic Attacks

These are also known as Anxiety attacks and result from a psychological perception of a situation or experience causing physical reaction in our bodies. The experience is usually perceived through a fearful filter and causes the extreme fight or flight response in our bodies. 


Thanks to anxiety’s ability to make you feel like something is very wrong almost constantly it can lead to feeling agitated or overwhelmingly frustrated. 


Paranoia results from the feelings of impending chaos or disorder you believe is about to overtake you when you feel anxiety. You may feel like people are plotting against you, situations are being pre-planned before you walk into a room or an unreasonable feeling of worry about when your next panic attack will be triggered. 


Due to the mental toll anxiety has on your body there is a good chance your body is suffering from repetitive sickness due to the possible hormone imbalance created through stress and anxiety. 

So is CBD a good solution if you find yourself struggling with Stress and anxiety? 

Yes! A resounding yes! 

Isolate CBD Products are beneficial to stress and anxiety since it contains a healthy cannabinoid targeted towards calming the mind and body when it's experiencing stress and anxiety. 

These benefits include a peaceful mind and relaxed body to help restore a healthy balance in your thought process and physical well-being.  

Queue our gummies! 

White Horse offers this very CBD isolate through our gummy products! And did we mention our flavors are delicious?! 

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