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Coastal Clouds E-Liquid - 60ml Vape juice 6mg

Coastal Clouds E-Liquid - 60ml Vape juice 6mg

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E-Liquid and vaping lovers all know to the name of Coastal Clouds. With famous branding, creative flavor profiles, and premium quality components, both e-juice and nic salts from Coastal Clouds have been likely the most vapable flavors accessible since long time. Experience the presumably the best e-juice in the west every time you appreciate Coastal Clouds e-Liquid.

Flavors :

Apple Peach Strawberry by Coastal Clouds Co. takes sweet apples, delicious peaches, and sun-kissed strawberries to make a prepared fruity vape that makes sure to stimulate the taste buds with such flavor.

Blood Orange Mango Snowcone by Coastal Clouds Co. is a tasty decrease of mixed late spring Orange fruit of succulent blood oranges and heavenly mangoes showered over a stuffed snowcone for a sublimely repaying fruity vape.

Blueberry Limeade by Coastal Clouds Co. splashes the tongue in a tempest of blueberry improved lemonade, getting the tart yet sweet flavors to wash over the taste buds in a smooth yet rich way.

Iced Blood Orange Mango Snowcone by Coastal Clouds, getting the magnificent sort of interesting blood oranges mixed in with tropical mango stuffed into a cone of shaved ice for a chilled impact of fruity flavor.

Mango Berries by Coastal Clouds is a stimulating blend of mangoes decreased to a sweet nectar blended in with the combination of berries for a magnificently fine fruity vape.

Melon Berries by Coastal Clouds, taking a sweet smooth melon and including heaps of mixed berries to make a heavenly fruity eJuice that will animate the taste buds.

Energy Fruit Orange Guava by Coastal Clouds Co. is a trifecta of three fruity flavors, overhauling a base of fiery fruit with traces of fragrant of oranges and sweet-smelling guavas to give a fascinating edge to this tasty vape juice.

The Abyss by Coastal Clouds Co., featuring a sweet taffy base updated with the flavors and aromas of delightful pre-summer watermelons that will allure the taste buds.

The Traveler by Coastal Clouds Co. is an exceptional blend of fruity flavors, getting the brilliant notes of fresh blood orange, tropical mangoes, and tart Meyer lemons to be changed into a scoop of resuscitating Italian ice.

The Voyage by Coastal Clouds Co. is a vapable rendition of crunchy berry-improved firm rice treats embedded with touches of sweet marshmallow.

Nicotine Strength : 0MG,3MG and 6MG

Bottle Size : 60ml

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