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White Horse Redlands

CBD Lavender Bath Bomb 100mg Delta Premium CBD

CBD Lavender Bath Bomb 100mg Delta Premium CBD

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This is the strongest CBD Bath Bomb we have found on the market. Great for relieving those aches and pains accumulated through the day. And since your hot soak will also be suffused with the lovely scent of Lavender it'll help you calm and ease the tension and anxiety of the day. What are you waiting for, grab one and try it today!

Also, when you find you love them and want more for less, choose our Bundle of 6 option & you'll get one free! 


COA #2950-2

*Tip: Heat your bath water to as hot as you can handle it, then place your bath bomb in the water. Allow approx. 5 minutes before soaking in the bath 

**Warning: Do not use any other bath oils or Epsom salts when you use this bath bomb. Doing so may coat your skin, not allowing for the CBD to properly be absorbed and it may not relieve your aches as effectively. 


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