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Most people know CBD helps relieve pain but have you ever wondered how and why its so effective? The answer can be found through our Endocannibinoid sytem or ECS for short. This body system is the reason CBD is SO effective! Read more....

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Cannabinoids, CBD Blog, CBD news, CBd oil, CBD relief, CBD vs THC, Delta Premium CBD, How to take CBD, Sublingual CBD, What you need to know about CBD -

Misconceptions about CBD CBD- what’s all the buzz about? Increased “buzz” over any new product, such as CBD, can lead to excitement as well as misconceptions. This is problematic because misconceptions or misinformation can detour those who may be interested in the product to shy away because they are confused and not sure what to believe about the product. Our goal with today’s blog post is to clear those misconceptions about CBD you may have! If you are interested in debunking common misconceptions keep reading. Misconception #1: CBD Gets You High Like THCTHC holds benefits similar to CBD, but unlike...

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